She grew up tall and she grew up right.
With them Indiana boys on them Indiana nights.

andshiphappens: "I just wanted to compliment you on your gorgeous blog and I also just found out you're doing accounting (?) so high five! :)"

Thank you! Yep, accounting is great!

Debit mo’ money, credit mo’ problems.

liliemichelle: "If you're from Indiana I'm going to flip my shit. Are you? I'm from Indiana and I don't know anyone with a tumblr. Then again, I just created mine exactly a month ago."

I am indeed from Indiana! #MidwestIsBest.

Just kidding. The weather here sucks.

Anonymous: "What spiked your interest in accounting?"

A couple of things. I like math. I like numbers. I like lists. I like set rules and knowing what to do. I like making sense of things, making them fit into their little slots. There’s a symmetry to accounting — debits and credits. Things always have to even out. Accounting is like figuring out a puzzle, only with numbers. I like accounting because it lets me do all those things.

So, yep, I’m pretty much a nerd.

Anonymous: "where do you live and what do you study?"

I live in a house and I’m studying accounting.

Anonymous: "can you post a christmas gift wish list?"

Some things that have caught my eye:

These Frends “Taylor” headphones in Rose Gold.

This Naked Basics Palette.

This Camera Mug.

This book-scented candle.

These e-tip gloves.

These Hunter Welly Socks.

This iPhone case.

This bobby pins print.

This lip balm.

Hope this helps! x

Anonymous: "Hello, you are. Adorbss. Funfact: for the longest time i thought your blog was brittanickel like the thesaurus dictionary stuff and thrn i found out you were brittany? God."

Haha that is awesome! When I was choosing my blog name, I actually kind of thought that it sounded like it was comparing something to the Encyclopedia Britannica. So, like, someone would say something studious and someone else would say, “Oh, how Britannical.”

Anonymous: "Tell us about yourself!"

Donut enthusiast, board game aficionado, dreamer extraordinaire.

I once asked a waitress to turn on QVC at a bar.

I perpetually have cold feet. Both literally and figuratively.

Use the correct form of your/you’re and I’m youRs.

That’s basically all you need to know.

Anonymous: "Do you watch Doctor Who?"


everyturnistrouble: "hey, i love you blog. I'm wondering where you found your theme - it's awesome. if you don't want to share, that's cool too."

If you click on the copyright symbol at the top of my page with the links, it should take you right to the website.

Anonymous: "Would you ever be on the bachelor?"

Mmmmmm… I don’t think so. Not for me.

Anonymous: "being a scarf--o-holic, how do you survive in summer? i love all the outfits you post, but live someplace where it is always summer. still, i would like to get inspiration from the style throughout the looks you post :)"

The summer is such a sad time for my scarf collection! No really, I have a mini-celebration when it’s finally scarf season. Your scarf-o-holic description is quite accurate :)

During the summer I usually wear light dresses with flats or flip-flops, and I’m a huge fan of J Crew chino shorts, but I like to wear the really obnoxiously-colored ones. Really anything that’s breathable and light I like to wear, usually in really bright colors because I can get away with it during the summer. I typically make sure to pack a cardigan or something though, because I live in Indiana, where you can experience all four seasons in just one day.

Thanks for the question! 

Anonymous: "who is bowribbonsandpearls"

That would be my little sister.

bringinthedancinglobsters: "Did anything else ever happen with latte boy? <3"

Ah, latte boy! Unfortunately, no. I went back to school, and he stayed in Chicago making not-so-great lattes. Maybe I’ll stop by his coffeeshop when I’m back during winter break. It was just a silly crush and a few prolonged moments of eye contact, but latte boy was quite the fun part of my summer.

sthwnd-deactivated20120908: "hey you! I really like your tumblr, I feel like I have to reblog almost everything, haha. how old are you? are you working? studying? how many languages do you speak?"

Hello! Thank you, reblog away haha! I’m 20 years old, currently in college (or university if you’re outside the U.S.) I’m not working, just focusing on my studies. I speak English and a very very small amount of Latin that I remember from high school, but I wish I was able to know more! Thanks for all the questions :)

Anonymous: "What are some of your favorite blogs that you follow? I really love your blog and want to check out the blogs that you follow!"

Thank you! I posted this a while ago, but I’ve found some new favorites since then, so here you go:
















I’m definitely forgetting some, so feel free to look at whoever I reblog from to find more.