Britta Nickel

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"I'm not a girl, I'm a storm with skin."

Thank you! Sorry that you have to put up with me posting so many pictures of my dog.

P.S. Here is my Instagram for anybody who didn’t know.



That’s so nice, than you! Don’t worry about citing me on Pinterest, though. To be clear, none of these images are mine unless they’re tagged “personal.”


I understand what you’re trying to say, but my understanding of feminism is that at its core, it means the belief in the equality of the sexes.

By that definition, I would consider myself a feminist, but I’m also not going to get mad about a guy being chivalrous, or opening the door for me, or paying for my dinner, or anything like that.


No? I think it’s nice.




Thank you! Yep, accounting is great!

Debit mo’ money, credit mo’ problems.


A couple of things. I like math. I like numbers. I like lists. I like set rules and knowing what to do. I like making sense of things, making them fit into their little slots. There’s a symmetry to accounting — debits and credits. Things always have to even out. Accounting is like figuring out a puzzle, only with numbers. I like accounting because it lets me do all those things.

So, yep, I’m pretty much a nerd.


I live in a house and I’m studying accounting.


Some things that have caught my eye:

These Frends “Taylor” headphones in Rose Gold.

This Naked Basics Palette.

This Camera Mug.

This book-scented candle.

These e-tip gloves.

These Hunter Welly Socks.

This iPhone case.

This bobby pins print.

This lip balm.

Hope this helps! x


Haha that is awesome! When I was choosing my blog name, I actually kind of thought that it sounded like it was comparing something to the Encyclopedia Britannica. So, like, someone would say something studious and someone else would say, “Oh, how Britannical.”


Donut enthusiast, board game aficionado, dreamer extraordinaire.

I once asked a waitress to turn on QVC at a bar.

I perpetually have cold feet. Both literally and figuratively.

Use the correct form of your/you’re and I’m youRs.

That’s basically all you need to know.