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"I'm not a girl, I'm a storm with skin."

I’ve had a pair of Bass Weejun’s in burgundy for about six months now, and every time I wear them, they tear the back of my foot/heel up. Like,┬áto the point where I can’t even think about wearing the shoes again for another couple of weeks. Any tips on what I’m doing wrong or how to break them in?

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  1. les-charmant said: b) adhere moleskin to the heel of your shoes where it is chafing, moleskin is extremely gentle & gives an extra layer of protection to your feet.
  2. les-charmant answered: a) condition the heel of the shoe really well with leather conditioner/saddle soap to soften the leather and make it more flexible
  3. trystonthelist answered: just put on a little band-aid. :D
  4. klpklp answered: Cut a tiny piece of duct tape and put it on the back of your foot. Works flawlessly. No one even sees!
  5. goodbyemychangingwind answered: I’ve tried various tricks to stretch/break in my Bass Wendybird loafers as well but none seem to work. Such a shame.
  6. whiskeythistletongue answered: i worked at a shoe store- the can stretched considerably (if u dont have a stretcher use a broom handle. or put soft pads in the back
  7. thelocalairwaves answered: Hmm… I have this problem with other shoes. I recommend putting a big band-aid on the heel of your foot so it doesn’t rub your skin off.
  8. chai--tea said: Also, a woman who ran a vintage shop once gave me this advice. Fill ziploc bags with water, seal them really well and put them in your shoes. Freeze them. The water will expand and help stretch the shoe out. I’ve never actually tried it though.
  9. coffeestainedcashmere answered: Whenever I break in new running trainers I use “Band-Aid Active Friction Block Stick” to avoid getting blisters. It might work for you too!
  10. chai--tea answered: the wrong size maybe? I find putting bandaids at the back of my heels helps a lot when I’m breaking in shoes.
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