Britta Nickel

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"I'm not a girl, I'm a storm with skin."

My name is Brittany Nicole, or Britta Nickel if you will.

When I was little, I had a hard time accepting my name. Brittany Nicole. I’m sure you know a Brittany Nicole. I personally know four, and I don’t even think I know an exceptionally large number of people. I mean, it’s an incredibly common combination of names, and I like(d) to think of myself as unique. This is meant as no offense to the other Brittanys or Nicoles or Brittany Nicoles out there. They’re wonderful names. Anyways, I liked to pretend that my middle name was Nickel and not Nicole when I was younger. And as for the Britta part, well, that’s just a shortened form of Brittany. I just thought these names sounded so much better together, when in actuality it just made me sound like a German numismatist. Regardless, Britta Nickel was born.

So, that’s a little about my name. Now for a little about me.

From some town in the midwest that you pass when going somewhere else.

I like crosswords, knitting, rain, and the color yellow.

I reblog what I like, simple as that.

I do not claim any images as my own (except anything tagged “personal.”) If you see some of your work on here, please let me know, and I will be sure to credit you or take the image down if you please!

Talk to me if you please, I have an ask box for a reason!